Communicating Benefits

Just like a tree falling in the woods and no one being around to hear it, a fantastic benefit plan that is not well-communicated to employees will not be valued. Studies show that only employers who clearly and regularly communicate the depth and breadth of their benefits offering get the return on investment they are looking for — employee well-being.

Realizing the difference is in the delivery, we work with our employer partners to create and implement custom solutions that help them achieve a return on investment through increased employee well-being.

“Pre-Hire” Messaging

Talent recruitment is a stressful process. How does an employer consistently attract the best people for the job? The key is to select prospects whose personal mission and needs align with that of the hiring organization.

Our pre-hire communication video solution offers clients a dual benefit. Primarily, this sleek medium allows employers to clearly and efficiently communicate their mission, culture, and overall opportunity. Secondarily, it is the perfect tool to illustrate the significant investment made in employee benefits.

Candidates will have an opportunity to view the video and determine if the mission, culture, opportunity, and benefits meet their personal needs. In effect, the video will help self-select potential hires.

Those individuals who apply for the job know what to expect. Individuals who align with your value proposition will be attracted to the organization. And since they align, engagement will be automatic.


Employers must provide a positive onboarding experience for new hires. New employees instantly form impressions of your company– from their workstation set up to their initial orientation, each element of their first day shapes their perception of your corporate culture. Efficient onboarding expresses to a new hire that you value them as a member of the team and are personally invested in their well-being.

We take an active role in ensuring that our client partners use state-of-the-art onboarding technologies to make information gathering and benefit plan enrollment easy, efficient, and educational. We stand by your side to make sure your benefit plan investment gets communicated successfully on day one to your new employee.

Ongoing Communications

Benefits communications is an ongoing process. Fortunately, new HR technologies available in the marketplace make pushing out data to employees easier than ever. In addition to electronic communications, we also invest significant time helping client partners engage with employees through the use of benefit fairs. These personalized meetings are an effective way to add value with a human touch!

Feedback (Survey)

Employee feedback provides essential data on what is and what is not working. Our simple and customizable survey tool will offer employees the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about their benefits. With this valuable information, client partners can take proactive steps to either make changes or address concerns.

Please contact our office to view a demo of each tool. We are excited to discuss these innovative solutions and improve your communication effort.