Managing Benefits

Just like a loving parent tucks their child into bed at night, an employer should strive to create feelings of comfort and security for their employees through the benefit plans they offer. Offering plans that provide real protection from life’s problems will show you care about your employees’ well-being.

Employees can differentiate quality and substance from smoke and mirrors. At AMR Benefits Management, LLC, we strive to help employers find “best in class” products that will provide solid insurance protection. Moreover, we help those same employers manage their plans throughout the year and provide guidance and expertise when it comes to renewing programs. The whole process is seamless and creates value for the employee and employer.


We invest considerable time to determine which benefit plans suit your workforce. Medical, dental, vision, and ancillary coverage like disability and life insurance typically top the list. In addition, we help determine what level of coverage best suits your population and budget. Often we employ our survey tool to help us gather employee feedback during the process.


Once plans are chosen, we move into the implementation phase. We work very closely with our employer partners to determine exactly the best way to roll out a plan — which includes facets of both our communications and our compliance expertise. Ultimately, we are with you every step of the way to ensure any changes you make are 100% successful.


We continue to partner with you throughout the year when questions, claims, or billing issues arise. During this phase, we learn a great deal about what is working and what is not to implement change if necessary in the next phase. Most importantly, we never leave your side and are always accountable to help– we are in this together.


Often the renew phase is where we do our deepest dive on cost and quality metrics. Since our goal is to ensure clients invest in benefits plans that meet employee needs and business objectives, we spend significant time analyzing options. Using financial analysis, marketing, and strategic negotiations, we provide real value to our employer partners. In this phase, we introduce new concepts which might provide opportunities and improvement. In short, we take a very proactive position and ensure client partners are always in the right plans based on their situation and that employee well-being is front and center.