Supporting Human Resources 

Just as we work hard to help our employer partners create benefits programs that enhance employee well-being, we want the human resources teams we work with to feel safe and secure with a trusted advisor at their side. When a human resources team is well supported, they become more efficient and productive. Problems no longer are roadblocks.

Our goal, as much as possible, is to provide solutions that allow you the freedom to think strategically on improving employee well-being without being overburdened.

HR Support

Depending on the size of your organization and needs, we provide various supporting solutions. Our basic solution offers client partners access to exclusive, industry-leading HR tools and resources such as employee handbooks, job descriptions, and other commonly used HR documents. This tool keeps the HR professional up to date with law alerts, easy to understand state and federal law libraries, and unique training videos. This self-serve solution allows client partners to effectively manage HR compliance and employee relations. Our enhanced solution complements the basic solution by providing our clients with unlimited access to an industry-leading certified HR consultant. Our consultant can advise on workplace best practices, fully engage during HR crises, conduct live training, and produce exclusive HR tools and resources. Our consultants make it easy for you to manage your HR compliance and employee relations needs.

HR Technology Solutions

Your employees demand access to more information, better insight into their benefits, and more control. You find difficulty in trying to access accurate data. And you want to ease your administrative burden to be more strategic, boost productivity, and lower costs.

HR technology solutions play a crucial role in helping solve many business problems. Our strategic alliances with HR technology vendors brings significant value to our client partners. Our HR technology consultants offer:

  • HR administration assessments
  • HR technology assessments
  • HR administration and technology strategic planning
  • Marketplace evaluation and education
  • Third party sourcing services for HR administration and technology
  • Ongoing HR administration support and consultation

This is the perfect solution if your existing payroll, HRIS, Benefit Administration, performance management, time and attendance, or applicant tracking solution is not effective.


There are many requirements an employer has as a plan sponsor, the most important being fiduciary oversight. Plan documents, ERISA notices, and ERISA disclosures are just a few of the necessary items required to be compliant. Lawsuits often hinge on compliance issues, whether it is documentation, eligibility, or a plan notice or disclosure. That is why you need a consistent, organized, and reliable process in place to ensure your plan is in compliance with the law. We strive to minimize your non-compliance risk by being knowledgeable about about ERISA, PPACA, HIPAA, COBRA, SBCs, and CHIPRA.

White Glove

The highest level of service offered in the industry; the epitome of teamwork and partnership. If you would like to learn more about this support solution — our “all in” model– please give us a call. We are eager to detail what we think is the ultimate in employee benefits support!

Please contact our office to receive further details about each service. We are excited to discuss these innovative solutions and improve your human resources experience.