Employee Healthcare Literacy

 Clear evidence exists that improving employee wellbeing is good for business.  Employees with higher levels of wellbeing are more productive, absent less, have lower healthcare costs and tend to stick around longer.

One great way to increase employee wellbeing is to improve the health literacy of the people in your organization.

The Goldilocks Principle states; too little medical care can expose you unnecessarily to disease harms, too much medical care can expose you unnecessarily to treatment harms, inappropriate medical care can expose you to higher costs and poorer outcomes than optimal,appropriate medical care maximizes your chance of benefit and minimizes your risk of harm.

Since 88% of Americans lack the skills and knowledge to follow The Goldilocks Principle employers can add real value to people’s lives by making a small investment to improve employee health literacy. Click HERE to read an interesting article recently published by Kaiser Health News that talks about how too much treatment can be harmful.

That being said we have relationships with two vendors you can contact for assistance.

The first is Gary Fradin from the The Medical Guide.  Gary will do small group education sessions (10-25 employees at a time).   His classes provide a nice framework for employees to learn and become empowered to make smart healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.  His workshops are very interactive and informative.  He doesn’t tell people what to do.  Rather, he helps them think about their own medical care and how to ask the right questions.

The second is Quizzify which is an online tool that poses multiple choice questions related to medical care to employees every month.  The questions are always interesting.  For example: Should You Say No to a Biannual Dental Check-UP? Click HERE to find out the answer. Their BLOG alone offers tons of awesome information

Whether you prefer a hands-on learning experience for employees or an online tool both will add value and offer a validated ROI.  Please feel free to reach out to either vendor and don’t forget to tell them AMR Benefits sent you!